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Mexico, Quintana Roo
Dripstone Diving stands for quality diving and individual dive trainings in which the most modern standards and techniques are being taught. From beginner up to full cave diver. Our mission is to dive safely at all times, to protect our beautiful dive sites and to pass on unforgettable dive experiences to our divers.
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Fuente de los Angeles, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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Certification Program
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  • get trained or guided by experienced full cave diver and get the most out of your diving experience
  • individual diving training
  • max. 2:1 ratio student/instructor
  • pool sessions are being taught in the cenotes of the area
  • no kneeling on the pool floor and rushing through the essential skills – we will teach you how to perform the skills while hovering in midwater from the first minute on
  • we don't sell diving courses - we sell and charge you per days of diving training you need to get certified
About Us
Dripstone Diving - the modern way to dive Alex and Marco believe that just a diver, who is able to control himself and feels well under water can be a safe diver. This why they decided to put the main focus on buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques starting on beginner level. Unfortunately they were not able to achieve that while working for diving schools because it was prevented by the inflexible and obsolete structures they had to fit in: Too many students per instructor, too little time but way too much time spent waiting kneeling somewhere. In 2016 Marco and Alex decided to work together to continue to improve Dripstone Diving. Nowadays the two are a well working team that does not just offer diving trips in caves, caverns and the ocean but is dedicated to high quality diver training to enable their students to love the underwater world and diving as much as they do.
Alex Buess and Marco Steiner
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Dripstone Diving