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We are situated on amazing tropical island Nusa Penida only 12 km from Bali. The Freediving School is located just 20 meters from the beach. We offer freediving training and freediving courses from beginners to instructors, breath-hold workshops for surfers, SSI specialty courses, etc. We have regular yoga classes in our cozy studio. We organize freedive trips to awesome Manta Rays, trips around the island and long freedive journeys around Indonesia.
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Freedive Nusa, Jalan Ped-Buyuk, Desa Ped, Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia
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Hello addicted underwater lovers, This autumn gonna be hot and deep!:) What does it mean? It means we have awesome freedive trips every month starting from September. Here is the schedule of our trips for Autumn 2018. Please, check this out. 1-5 September. Freedive Safari to Komodo National Park 10-14 October. Freedive Safari to Komodo National Park 5-12 November. Freedive Trip to Raja Ampat 23-27 December. Freedive Safari to Komodo National Park All the trips will be guided by professional freediving instructors and include training sessions as well as a lot of fun freediving and land excursions. It's real adventure! Look some of the photos from previous trips. Trips include everything (equipment, training, tickets and permits, accommodation, food, etc.) except flights. Please, check details on our website http://freedivenusa.com Feel free to ask any questions and join us! #freedivenusa #freediving #freedivers #freedivetrip #indonesia ... More
Learn with us  how  to  dive  on  one  single  breath #freedivenusa  #freediving  #freedive  #bali  #nusapenida ... More
Our typical  freedive  session  in  Freedive  Nusa #freedivenusa  #freedivers  #freediving  #bali  #nusapenida ... More
We are happy to present you our new school's video. Freedive Nusa offers all range of SSI courses from beginner's to instructor's level as well as freediving training, yoga classes, Manta Trips around Nusa Penida and freedive trips around Indonesia. Feel free to contact us via way more convenient for you. Web: http://freedivenusa.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freedivenusa/ Email: info@freedivenusa.com WhatsApp: +6282147417679 https://youtu.be/bfPsoptB58I ... More
Manta Rays insanity. Join our regular trips around Nusa Penida! #freedivers #freediving #freedive #freedivephoto #indonesia #nusapenida #bali ... More
Drone photo taken during our last freedive trip to Komodo National Park. Next trip starts on 13th of April. #freedivenusa #freedivers #indonesia #komodo #adventure ... More
Underwater cave  near  Crystal  Bay,  Nusa  Penida,  Bali ... More
Our village under and above the water #freediving #freedive #nusapenida #bali #freedivingvideo... More