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Dive Resort in Indonesia, Bali

Dive Resort
Indonesia, Bali
We are situated on amazing tropical island Nusa Penida only 12 km from Bali. The Freediving School is located just 20 meters from the beach. We offer freediving training and freediving courses from beginners to instructors, breath-hold workshops for surfers, SSI specialty courses, etc. We have regular yoga classes in our cozy studio. We organize freedive trips to awesome Manta Rays, trips around the island and long freedive journeys around Indonesia.
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Freedive Nusa, Jalan Ped-Buyuk, Desa Ped, Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia
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Safety Rules and Manta Ray Code of Conduct for freedivers and snorkelers. Watching Manta Rays in their natural environment is an incredible experience and top of the list for many freedivers and snorkelers. While tourism can bring increased awareness and protection for threatened species, it can also bring its own impacts and negative effects. There are lot of different posters which describe CODE OF CONDUCT for interacting with manta rays. They usually based on recommendations from Marine Megafauna Foundation. But most of them are for scuba divers. So we created our own poster for freedivers and snorkelers. It describes not only the Code of Conduct but also some common safety rules. If you see wrong or dangerous behavior while swimming with mantas, rather than imitating, please be a positive role model instead by following the rules above. ... More
Join our Manta Trips around Nusa Penida and get an awesome experience of flying underwater with these tender creatures. ... More
Dear underwater friends! Our next freedive safari to Komodo starts in 2 weeks. We have 2 last vacancies available! ⠀ WHEN: May, 12-17 PRICE: USD700 ⠀ Komodo National Park in Indonesia is famous for its unique underwater world. It attracts divers from around the world. The cult creatures of the park are Komodo Dragons – the largest lizard species on our planet. Komodo is an amazing place equally beautiful under and above water. Our freediving trip is suitable for beginners, experienced freedivers and for snorkelers, too. ⠀ ⠀ Please feel free to check our website or Instagram @freedivenusa for more details. Or contact us via: E-mail: WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber: +6282147417679 ... More
Join our freediving and snorkeling trips around Nusa Penida and experience underwater flying with awesome Manta Rays! ... More
Do you like surfing? Have you ever experience wipeouts and felt panic under the waves? Then join our Freediving for Surfers Cours, or Surf Survival Course. The objective of this course is to exercise and to improve your skills and body abilities when surfing on big waves. The freediver’s know-how will give you self-confidence in case of wipeouts, when everything is going wrong. The course includes the same information that is taught during the basic freediving course but it is customized for surfer’s needs. It enpowers you with useful knowledge given within the shortest time possible. The course is suitable for those who already feel comfortable in water and on the surfboard, but want to be prepared for big waves and longer wipeouts. For more details please check our website: ... More
Is there anything better that underwater flying? Feel real freedom – phisically and emotionally, and explore an amazing world that discloses its wonders only to the bravest. #freediving #freedive #freediver #girlswhofreedive #freedivephoto #freedivephotography #freedivingphoto #freedivingphotography #underwaterphoto #underwaterphotography #underwater #freedivebali #freedivingbali #freediveindonesia #freedivingindonesia #monofin #nusapenida #bali ... More
This is how our confined water training in shallow water right in front of the school are held. If conditions are suitable, after the dynamic apnea session we have a lot of fun freediving at our home reef. ... More
Have you ever seen a crocodile fish? Look what a monster we've met having rest over this comfy underwater bed! ... More
This beautiful coral reef is located right in front of our school. Nusa Penida boasts an incredibly rich underwater world. Exploring it is a totally amazing experience, no matter whether you prefer scuba diving, snorkelling or freediving. We always finishing our training sessions on one of the beautiful reefs of the northern coast of the island. It is the best way to practice your new skills while enjoying the colourful underwater world. Photo by @pepearcos ... More
This is one of our favorite places for freediving in Raja Ampat. It features an amazing reef all around the island dotted with small caves, lot of fishes, sharks and a beautiful lagoon. Have you been to Raja Ampat yet? Do you recognize this place? ... More
Diving conditions here at Nusa Penida are really good right now. No waves, the visibility is around 30 meters, the water temperature is about 29C. Come and see/feel it yourself! ... More
It all comes to an end sooner or later and our trip to Raja Ampat is over now. We are back to Sorong. We spent the last 3 days of the trip traveling around Arborek, Rufus, Gam, Pianemo and Eben islands. We did a lot of freediving, SUP boarding, subwinging, night diving through millions of luminous plancton... We had a lot of fun, emotions and photos. Eat, sleep, dive, repeat. And nothing else😁 Raja Ampat is a freedivers' paradise! Have you been there? What is your favorite place? Do you plan to visit archipelago during this year? Just let us know. Do you wanna do it with us?😉 #freedivenusa #freedivelife #dronephotography #dronephoto #rajaampat #rajaampattrip #explorerajaampat #freedivingrajaampat #freediverajaampa ... More