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Ao Nang Local Islands Snorkeling Excursion


Hop on our dive boat for a snorkeling trip to remember!
With warm 30ºC waters, minimal dive equipment is needed and plenty of blue skies, Ao Nang, Krabi is the perfect destination for a scuba or snorkeling trip.

Our experienced dive and snorkeling guides will let you explore the abundant marine life of the shallow waters at Ao Nang's local dive sites. You'll spot healthy corals, an abundance of reef fish, turtles and sea horses. For the less confident swimmers amongst you, we provide life jackets too.

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  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Life Jacket

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Ao Nang

Depth 20 m · Visibility 10 m
The local dive sites of Ao Nang consist of a group of 7 main islands dotted around Poda Island; Koh Ha, Koh Si, Koh Yawabon, Koh Kom, Koh Talu, Koh Mai Arai and Koh Yawasam. These dive sites are situated just 30-40 mins travel from Ao Nang and offer the perfect location for scuba diving courses due to shallow depths. More experienced divers benefit from long bottom time and more caves than you can shake a stick at.
$30 USD per package
per dive
USD 30