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10% Off Any Custom Fullsuit Wetsuit in Deeprene Material (4/4mm-7/7mm)


The custom dive wetsuit is designed from the ground up to fit you perfectly. Every seam and curve of the wetsuit is thoughtfully designed to contour and mold to your body for an exceptional fit. Handcrafted to perfection with the finest materials on earth, every wetsuit is backed by craftsmen pledge.

Our Deeprene neoprene is a compression resistent material suited for deep water dives.

Select your preferred thickness from 4/4mm-7/7mm with option to add ankles and/or wrist zippers.

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We build high-quality custom fit wetsuits fitted perfectly to each surfer and diver. Submit your measurements online receive a high-quality wetsuit made only for you. No matter what shape, size, or water activity you do, we can create that perfectly fitted wetsuit to maximize your comfort in the water.

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