Scuba Diving in Curacao

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Independent diving, Go out on your own.


Curacao is GREAT for independent shore diving.

If you’re a confident, experienced buddy team, you’ll love the freedom and flexibility of exploring on your own schedule – and pleasing yourselves.

To help you get the most out of your Curacao shore diving adventures, and as per our Eco Policy and Safety Policy, the Dive Bus Indie Divers packages include a a 1 tank guided dive on The Dive Bus house reef on your first day of diving.

If you haven’t dived in 18 months or more, take a Refresher class before you head out on your adventures.

Either or both of these dives will set you up for some awesome Curacao diving adventures by ensuring that:

all your equipment actually made it here and survived the flight intact… and that you didn’t forget anything (as if you would, right?)

your weighting is good

you’re comfortable back in the water

you understand the Safety Policy for taking care of you and your buddy, and the Eco Policy for taking care of the reef

tips and tricks for your upcoming Curacao dive adventures

If you haven’t dived in 18 months or more, book a Refresher dive for your first day, so you can head out on your adventures with your skills and confidence all brushed up.

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The Dive Bus, Curacao
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Seriously fun shore-diving adventures and PADI dive certification courses, at a dive center that takes care of the ocean. * 100% Project AWARE * Free monthly Project AWARE dive site clean ups at our adopted house reef (ADS) * Green Star * CHATA Dive Task Force member *

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