Kid’s Scuba & Underwater Themed Merchandise


If you are looking for the perfect gift to pique your child’s interest in scuba diving and the mysterious underwater world, then look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 10 kids scuba and underwater themed merchandise you can buy for kids, so they can start to share an interest in your favorite hobby. From games to clothes, toys, and jewelry, these gifts are suitable for both those kids that have already taken the scuba diving plunge and those that are yet  (but keen) to do so!

1. Scuba Clothing

One of the best ways to show off your love for scuba diving is to wear some fun scuba clothing. With 100s of tongue in cheek slogans and colors to choose from, at Teepublic you can pick up both you and your kids a matching outfit! From t-shirts to jumpers and even newborn onesies, there is something to fit all shapes, sizes, and tastes.

2. Boardgames

Kids love board games, and what better way to learn about and get excited for the underwater world than to play a game about it! There are a few different games around, but some of note are:

  • Ocean bingo – learn the names of the marine creatures as you play bingo!
  • Shark tooth dig – learn the difference between shark species while also digging for their teeth.
  • Scuba the board game – find as many marine animals as possible, learn about diving at depth and try not to run out of air!

These games are all suitable for both children and adults.

3. Scuba diving costumes

Halloween shouldn’t be the only time of year when the kids can dress up! Let your kids play out their scuba dreams by dressing up like something from under the sea. There are a variety of scuba costumes and marine life costumes to purchase online. You can even join in the fun by putting on your own scuba gear and teaching them a thing or two (like underwater hand signals) so that when they do take the plunge they know what to do! And if the kids are already scuba diving, then add to their gear, by buying these fun animal-based divers caps, which will have the kids in hysterics and be sure to turn heads underwater.

4. Scuba diving books

Let your little ones drift off to sleep while listening to some scuba bedtime stories. Whether it’s fictional tales about Pete the scuba diving cat, or educational stories about different creatures you can find in the sea, or even the 100 best dives you can do in the world, your kids will no doubt spend the night dreaming about scuba and underwater diving adventures!

5. Scuba diving toys 

There is an array of fun scuba diving toys available for kids. From underwater-themed jigsaw puzzles to scuba gear to deck out your barbies, underwater world lego sets, plush marine toys, and even wind up scuba diving dolls for bath time! 

6. Water-based toys

If you are after some toys that will get the kids outside and actually under the water, then why not grab some scuba based pool toys. Things like swim-through rings, sinking torpedoes, and underwater treasure chests, can help kids learn and practice some of the essential skills needed when scuba diving, like breathing, and coordination. 

7. Arts & crafts

It’s time for the kids to get creative and do some underwater themed arts and crafts. From scuba diving coloring books to building a paper-based underwater world and creating knitted marine life, there is sure to be something to entertain and intrigue your kids.

8. Decorative items 

Being surrounded by scuba and underwater imagery is one of the best ways to be inspired and excited about the underwater world. Items like scuba wall decal for your kid’s bedroom, aquatic-themed bedspreads, laptop stickers, and phone covers make the perfect gifts for your little ones.

9. Jewelry

If you are looking for a memorable gift, then why not splurge on some underwater themed jewelry? Pandora has a good range of shells, starfish, and turtle charms, as well as some bracelets and earrings. Similarly, Swarovski has a cute and colorful range of bracelets, necklaces, charms, and brooches with crabs, fish, starfish, and shells. These are the perfect gift for those little ones who love the underwater world. 

10. Backpack

Even if they aren’t scuba diving yet, your kids will certainly look the part with a cute scuba backpack that they can take to school. Looking like an air tank on the back of their back, this is the perfect gift for the underwater enthusiast!


And if you are looking for more ideas on how to share your love of the underwater world with your kids, then check out our articles on Should kids scuba dive? and 7 ways to see under the sea without getting wet!


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