The Best Places to Dive in South Africa


South Africa has an inspiring selection of diving opportunities throughout its impressive 1,700 miles of coastline and the various ecosystems you can find here make dives incredibly varied and unique. This part of the continent is nestled between the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic Ocean, creating warm tropical dives along with exciting opportunities to spot a vast amount of marine life.

Sodwana Bay, KwaZulu-Natal

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a delightful destination for anyone who loves to see colourful marine life, as there are an impressive 1,200 species of fish living here. Divers can drift along this relatively flat reef, where they’ll find intriguing features, including both hard and soft coral and drop-offs. Drift diving is conducted in this area due to the currents, and once you’re underwater you can immerse yourself in the ocean landscape, watching rays and turtles swimming past you.

The Sardine Run at Agulhas Bank

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This must be one of my all time most famous images of the most exhilarating experience for any serious diver, and certainly a photographer and videographers dream subject matter, the famous Sardine Run of South Africa. My date for this upcoming Sardine Run Photographic workshop and expedition is 25 June to 1 July on the Wild and beautiful Coast, only 4 spaces open. If you're keen for an adventure of a lifetime, send me a pm. If you need more to convince you then check out my last 2017 sardine run video in bio link above. I did not do the run in 2018 nor 2019 due to my severe arm injury which took some time to heal, and missed some seriously good action, but so very excited to be leading a trip this year! My apology to those who inquired to do the run with me and who I turned away, it was a tough time, but now I’m stronger than ever. The run is physically demanding but if you’re swimming fit, don’t have a recent injury, want to experience Nature at her best, then don’t delay to book your spot for the greatest show on Earth! . . A Lesley Rochat @thesharkwarrior photo Proceeds from all our adventures @shark_warrior_adventures go to fund the @afrioceans and our projects ~ when you choose us, you help them. #sardinerun #sardinerun2020 #sharks #baitball #photographicworkshop #underwaterphotography #epicexperience #outofthisworld #naturesbest #extreme #responsibletravel #natgeoshot #padiambassadiver #paditv #paditravel #paditv #feedyouradventure #borntoexplore #reconnectwithnature #feedingfrenzy #purenature

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Possibly one of the most breathtaking underwater wonders to witness, at Agulhas Bank divers can see a large mass hunting happening right before their eyes. Shoals of sardines measuring up to 7 kilometers in length are found migrating along this coast and attract all kinds of predators that come to feast on them. Sharks, dolphins and even the mighty Bryde’s whale hunt in these waters during the sardine run, offering you a range of wildlife all in one place. This is an exciting diving expedition and the sheer scale of the sardine run certainly makes it a memorable one.

The SS Maori, Cape Town

This shipwreck is conveniently located off the coast of Cape Town, one of the must-visit cities in South Africa. The steamship sunk in 1909 after hitting rocks while navigating the dark waters and now makes for a fascinating dive where you can gaze upon the 123-meter wreck. Divers will witness the railway tracks it was carrying, as well as sewing machines, bottles and other items scattered around the site, which you can enter with the appropriate diving qualifications.

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