4 Vacation Destinations For Your Scuba Diving Bucket List

4 Vacation Destinations For Your Scuba Diving Bucket List

#1 The Maldives

In the warm Indian Ocean, you can find the Maldives, a collection of over 1000 scattered islands, laden with coconut palms and white sandy beaches. This diver’s paradise has a rich reef and marine life, where you can see soft coral and sea sponges, while exploring the many caverns and overhangs. From June to October, there are fantastic manta ray dives from the Vilamendhoo Island Resort – in South Ari Atoll, where you can find expert Euro divers. Alternatively, embark on a ‘fluo’ dive in the Maldives, where you will dive at night with a blue light, to see all of luminous and fluorescent colours of the ocean and discover the marine world from a whole new perspective.

#2 Lizard Island

Lizard Island is located just off Australia’s main coastline of Queensland, and is a tropical paradise with multiple dive sites. There are luxury hotels on the island, where you can recline in a hammock on the beach while planning your next excursion. Dive at Cod Hole in depths of 8m-30 m and interact with the friendly potato cod (which are huge, incredible creatures). Then, make your way over the Dynamite Passage and view an impressive wall drop-off.

#3 The Fam Islands

True adventurers can make their way over to Indonesia, specifically the Jet Fam Islands – a small cluster of limestone islets which slope to a sandy bottom. Melissa’s Garden is said to be one of the oldest corals in the area, and the combination of hard and soft coral make this a captivating and luscious underwater world. This site is definitely one for wildlife enthusiasts; you can catch a glimpse of the wobbegong shark, manta rays and the gorgeous clownfish, amongst the pristine coral reef.

#4 The Bahamas

The Bahamas is home to the third largest reef in the world; it is here you can explore some of the most interesting novelty dives. Just off the Tears of Allah, dive down into the crystal-clear waters and find a 92-ft tug, which was actually sunk for the James Bond movie ‘Never Say Never Again’. Because the wreck is in such shallow waters, this is a great spot for all abilities to dive in, and the current here is never too strong. For those with appropriate qualifications, you can even venture inside the wreck, and immerse yourself in this submerged world.