Most Underrated Scuba Dive Spots: Zakynthos and Hurghada

Most Underrated Scuba Dive Spots: Zakynthos and Hurghada

Zakynthos, Greece

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“Zakynthos”, also known as Zante, is one of the most underrated scuba dive spots in Europe. Here you will find the Diving Centre Turtle Beach, where you can explore the breathtaking underwater landscapes below the surface of this island. The waters are teeming with life, and you can discover the colourful habits and animals that live alongside the sea turtles.

Photo by Erica Magugliani on Unsplash

The Centre is not only concerned with showing tourists these unique creatures but preserving the turtle’s habitat and wellbeing. When scuba diving, you can go at your own pace, too; the centre caters for all abilities. Whether this is your first time or you’re a seasoned expert, the professionals here will cater to your needs.


Hurghada, Egypt

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Hurghada in Egypt also has some underrated scuba dive spots and experiences, and the Red Sea is a sensational place for underwater exploration. There are plenty of scuba diving courses and experiences along this coast, where you can swim with dolphins, turtles, and other majestic sea creatures.

Photo by Henrik Hedegaard on Unsplash

The scuba dive spots in both of these areas have been described as peaceful, and the underwater life as rich and radiant. So, Hurghada and Zakynthos should certainly be at the top of every traveller’s scuba diving destination list.”


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