Greenhorn’s Guide #3: How to choose your Scuba Mask or Snorkel Mask

Greenhorn’s Guide #3: How to choose your Scuba Mask or Snorkel Mask

The first piece of scuba equipment you should get is a scuba mask. But there are so many masks out there, how do you tell if it’s a good one or a bad one? This is why we’ve made a guide to help you pick out a scuba mask or a snorkel mask in 4 easy steps!

A Scuba Mask or Snorkel mask is the first piece scuba equipment that you normally get. 

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Scuba Mask Buying Guide Step 1: Does the Scuba Mask fit me?

The first thing you want to check is the fit of a scuba mask. First off, you don’t need to care about the look of the mask. You want one that fits right and isn’t leaking. But how can you tell? Well, the best thing you can do is try them in the water. Take several masks and go diving. But sometimes this isn’t a option, so there is a little trick for it. Just put the diving mask on your face without the silicon strap and inhale air through your nose.  The scuba mask needs to suck onto your face and stay there. You don’t want to have any air leaking into or out of your mask. A video is better then thousand words, so click on the video the on top of this page to see a demonstration.

Testing the Scuba Mask

When you find a scuba mask that isn’t leaking any air, you have to check if you have enough space between your upper lip and the mask. If that isn’t the case it will leak water in your scuba mask when you put your snorkel or regulator in. Also check if the silicon of the mask isn’t touching your hairline.  A really nice mask which fits almost anyone is the Aqua Lung Reveal X2.

Check your Hairline Space between the lip and the mask

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Scuba Mask Buying Guide Step 2: What color Silicon? Black or Transparent?

Okay, you have several masks which are fitting correctly, so now you can look to which one you like. Black or transparent silicon, which one is better? I’m a fan of black silicon because it’s really nice on the eyes, it works like sunglasses. The second reason i love black silicon is it doesn’t discolor like transparent silicon. You have seen those discolored masks, it looks like someone was smoking in the mask for several years, so brown.

Black or Transparent

Scuba Mask Buying Guide Step 3: Double Lens or Single Lens?

Nowadays it doesn’t matter if you have a single lens or a double lens. In the early days, single-lens dive masks had a larger viewing area because you also had glass above your nose and it was low volume. Low volume means that the glass is closer to your eyes than a high volume mask. The double-lens masks were almost always a high-volume mask. In recent times, double-lens masks are low volume, so they also offer a wide field of vision. The only thing you need to think about is if you want prescription lenses in your scuba mask. When you need prescription lenses you need to go for a double-lens snorkel mask.  

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Scuba Mask Buying Guide Step 4: HIGH or LOW Volume?! What?

High or low volume, what is it? As I mention in the paragraph above, a low-volume mask has the glass closer to your eyes. This means you have a bigger field of view and it’s easier to clear your mask of water. The downside is that you need to equalize your mask more often when you’re descending. But still, always go for a low volume mask.


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