The Difference Between Scuba Fins and Snorkel Fins

The Difference Between Scuba Fins and Snorkel Fins

There are many different kinds of fins which are used for diving and snorkeling. But there are big differences between a dive fin and a snorkel fin! Let’s find out what they are.

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Dive fin snorkel fin

Snorkel Fins

Most of the time a snorkel fin doesn’t need to have as many features as a dive fin. Historically, snorkel fins have a full-foot pocket, but nowadays you find more and more open-heeled snorkel fins, and I personally think this is a big improvement. When you have an open-heel snorkel fin you can make the fin fit exactly to your feet. With a full-foot this isn’t possible, because you can’t adjust anything. So, when you want to buy a snorkel fin, go for a open heel, you don’t need a shoe for a open heel snorkel fin.

But, what is the main difference from a dive fin? A snorkel fin is normally a lot smaller and not as wide, so you don’t need a lot strength in your legs. When you go diving with a snorkeling fin, you will miss this power.

Diving Fins

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So are you faster with a diving fin while snorkeling? Nope, a diving fin is a lot bigger and when you fin it will take a lot of power to get through the surface of the water. A dive fin has a lot of features, such as channels, where the water goes through. All of those features are engaged when you are underwater, so on the surface they don’t work. If we look at the Tusa Hyperflex, this is a extremely light fin with a lot of power underwater. When we used it on the surface it was nowhere close to a good snorkel fin.


It is possible to snorkel with diving fins and vice versa. But is it wise? Nope. When you have a lot of current it’s better to have the correct fins in every situation.