Bahrain is Launching the World’s Biggest Underwater Theme Park



A Boeing 747 will be the main attraction. Photo: Bahrain Tourism Authority

Bahrain, an island nation in the Persian Gulf, will be launching the world’s largest underwater theme park this summer, using a submerged Boeing 747 as its centerpiece.

Billed as the “ultimate diving experience,” divers will be able to explore 25 acres of exhibits and attractions surrounded by local marine life. The project is a collaboration between the Supreme Council for Environment and the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority.

The aircraft at the center of the underwater park is 70 meters in length, making it the largest aircraft in the seas. Around it will be coral reefs, an art park, and a replica of a pearl merchant’s house, making it the ultimate stop in sea-themed tourism. The project’s creators hope that this environment will attract wildlife and provide a safe haven for the marine animals of the region.

A parrotfish swims in calm waters. Photo: Deepblu user KVIT

A Great Dive Destination

In addition to the theme park, Bahrain’s blue waters provide high visibility, and the calmness of the area makes it great for divers of all levels. These natural fixtures will prove to be beneficial for those who are eager to go, because even though the project was only announced recently, it will be open in just a few weeks.

On the research end of things, the other goal of the theme park is to bring the local wildlife and coral growth closer to researchers so that they can gather data all in one spot.

In a region highly competitive for the dive tourism market, this is a big step for Bahrain. Just last year the United Arab Emirates announced that the country would be creating the world’s largest coral garden. Another park in the region will be for women divers only, another first in the world.

If you’re looking to plan your 2019 dive drip, looking to the Middle East is shaping up to be a great idea.

– Todd Allen Williams, Senior Editor