Shearwater Perdix AI Review | All You Can Ever Wish For


Shearwater computers are famous for two things: Simplicity and robustness. This makes these computers loved by technical and recreational divers all over the world. This is quite impressive since the Canadian company was founded in 2004. The newest addition in the Shearwater family is the Perdix AI. The AI stands for air integration and was only added a year after the introduction of the Perdix. Nowadays all of the computers have integration but you may find some old computers lingering on the web nonetheless.  So be mindful when buying a second hand Perdix! 

A Note from Deepblu: We’re delighted to share this guest post by 50ft Below. Please visit for the original article. Oh, and did you know? Deepblu actually supports the Shearwater Perdix AI on Deepblu Connect. This means that you can wirelessly sync your dive logs from your Perdix AI to your smartphone directly to create digital dive logs. To read more on our collaboration with Shearwater, click here.

On first look the Shearwater looks like it’s built like a tank! The casing is solid and bolted down with eight screws. Thanks to this build quality it can withstand depths up to 850 ft/260 meters. Keep in mind though that beyond 400 ft/130 meters the depth sensor isn’t accurate anymore.