Giving Without Grief: Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts


Are you looking to bring holiday cheer without creating new waste? You’re in luck. This year you can follow this handy Deepblu guide to getting the holidays right. We have a few suggestions for gifts that will bring smiles to your family and friends without bringing frowns to whales. Well, if whales could frown. You know what we mean.

While there are several great things out on the shelves, there are plenty of up-and-coming contenders in the crowdfunding pages of the web. These scrappy young start-ups are the future, and supporting them supports further efforts to make the world a more eco-friendly place.

1. Fizzing Bottle

This all-in-one carbonation system is a great way to save both the environment and money by fizzing your own water on the go. With bubbly water being all the rage these days, and home systems already a popular staple, it’s only natural that the next step would be a soda maker for an active lifestyle. It also does nitro!

2. Shore Buddies

Kids love their soft, cuddly toys, and that will always be a fact. What doesn’t have to be a fact is that waste is created when these toys are made. Shore Buddies are made from plastic recovered from the ocean, and they come with stories about how to do your part when taking care of the Earth’s oceans.

3. Kelp Jerky

Presenting: Kelp jerky. Photo by Akua

Like jerky? Love animals? This abundant source of nutrition from the sea keeps getting up to new things, the latest of which being kelp jerky by Akua. Save yourself some calories and an animal some death by reaching for these to satisfy those cravings.

4. BioLite BaseCamp

Cook your food, keep your campsite warm at night, and charge your devices. Rather than leaving the car running at the campsite, as we’ve all seen far too many people do, turn your campfire into a source of energy that charges those things you couldn’t just leave at home.

5. Bureo Skateboards

This one is pretty rad if you ask us. Bureo has not only taken the concept of skating to new heights by making a recycled skateboard, but they’ve also made it super hip by using recovered fishing nets. To represent their oceanic conservation achievement, they’ve also made the board in the shape of a fish.

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