Getting Fiaca in Argentina


Argentina has long been a destination for beachgoers, adventurers, and those looking to get away from the world, whether it be for a minute or possibly forever. To this day, it’s still a place where people can disappear, leave their cellphones behind, and only reemerge when they’re feeling the time is right.

Due to this, it’s become a hot destination for both local and international scuba divers, who come to get fiaca, or “bone idle,” and decide that they need to make a living to stick around. Let’s take a look at their favorite spots.

Antonio Miralles

The Antonio Miralles dive site, not far from Puerto Madryn on Golfo Nuevo is a great getaway for divers who don’t like crowds. Sometimes you’ll get to experience these waters with yourself and your buddy as the only people around. Ask a local about the best times to do so.

Lago Moreno

Hitting up the tire swing in Lago Moreno. Photo: Deepblu user Agus Machetanz

A great easy dive to get started, Lago Moreno is a dammed off lake with a soft current that’s easy for divers of all skill levels. Come to relax in still waters and experience some altitude diving.

Tiera del Fuego

If massive kelp forests are your thing, Plataforma is the place for you. All the way at the bottom of the continent, Islas de Tierra del Fuego provide for some rough, cold, but fun diving for those ready for big adventure.


Up close and personal in Folias. Photo: Deepblu user Agus Machetanz

If you’re looking for an amazing dive with a wreck to explore and plenty of corals to check out, hop over to the Folias site. Shops on the shore have everything you need to gear up and get going. No need to wait, just show up, suit up, and hop right in.

Punta Cuevas

With easy access right from the city of Puerto Madryn, this is a great place to hop in if you’re looking to get started while on a beach holiday. With plenty of places to stay nearby and restaurants lining perfect beaches, even if diving is just an afterthought, people love to get wert at Punta Cuevas.

For more great dives, and to plan your next dive adventure, check out Planet Deepblu.