Reefs, Wrecks, and Spearfishing in Beautiful Barbados

Divers examine a wreck on the shores of Barbados. Public Domain Photo

It’s getting cold in the Northern Hemisphere, but if you look around, there are spots that still call us with their warmth. Far away from fireplaces and blankets, these places offer a seasonal escape and a feeling that summer has never ended. One of them is Barbados. Averaging at about 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Celsius) throughout the month of December, vacationers flock from all over to ensure that they don’t have a white Christmas.

While in the area, there’s some great diving to be experienced, as the island is surrounded by lush coral reefs. Let’s check out a few.

Asta Reef

Heading southeast from Hastings, Asta Reef is possibly the most accessible and toured reef in Barbados. Local dive guides are eager to show you the area’s gem, and along the way you may spot some barracuda and lobster if you’re lucky.

Pieces of Eight

At Pieces of Eight, just off of an expansive marine park, you can dive with the local turtles. Coast along the current with them as you forget that winter even exists back home.


Fisherman’s Reef is just a short trek offshore, and totally worth it. High visibility makes it easy to find the nooks where lionfish hide out, so while you’re enjoying yourself you can make sure that you’re well fed back on shore as well.

Carlisle Bay Shipwrecks

Calm, clear waters make this one great for beginners, in fact, this site is so close to shore that it’s easy enough to snorkel out to it. Have an encounter with well-preserved shipwrecks and the fish that dwell inside of them.


Dottin’s Reef is full of sparkling blue waters, fan corals, and plenty of life. This marine park is well preserved for the life that it sustains, and so long as you’re watching out and keeping a safe distance, you’ll see plenty of it.

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