Pushing it to the Limit: 5 Extreme Dives


In diving, we test ourselves time and time again. Even that first step into the water is a huge undertaking. The inhale, the exhale, the fight against the mind to convince yourself that what you’re doing is going to turn out perfectly fine, although you’re surrounded by water. In a sense, diving is extreme to begin with.

But some divers like to take it to the next level, and we salute them. Enjoy the videos.

Cover Photo by A’ HA’ Scuba Diving.

1) This Scuba Skydive

From air, to freedive, to scuba. We salute you.

2) Giant Great White, No Cage

It’s no secret that Ocean Ramsey is one of the best in the sport, but wow.

3) How Many Tanks?

That’s some intense wall action.

4) The Human Penguin

When a dive is at the end, the journey is always worth it.

5) A Cave System Beyond Mesure

How far would you go to go this far?