In the Eye of the Storm


It seems that, around the globe, we’re in for it this weekend. Storms are brewing, at least in a few places. Over on the East Coast of the United States a hurricane called Florence is barreling in with high-speed winds and what’s sure to be a lot of rain, while the countries of the Philippines, Taiwan, and China are about to be hit hard by Typhoon Manghut.

While a lot of us will be putting up the tank and fins, stocking up on groceries, and getting cozy for a long weekend inside, there are some people who get out on the water during atrocious conditions. Sound fun? Let’s watch a few. (Don’t try this at home.)

The Irma Wind Surfer

A Tsunami Dive

Freediving During a Storm

Beneath Hurricane Gonzalo

Cyclone Sailing

So, pick your poison. No matter what you do this weekend, stay safe. As for me, if the storm hits I’ll be inside writing with some wine, if not, it’s to the shore.

Dive on.

– Todd Allen Williams, Senior Editor