Summer’s End? Fear Not! We Know Great September Dives


Next Saturday, September comes. That long-dreaded time where for many families, things go back to normal. No more vacations, but hey, the kids are back to school. When I think of September as an American, even though I haven’t lived there for years, I still think of football, Labor Day barbecues, back-to-school, and a return to normalcy before settling in for the inevitable cold months.

For those of us with some extra time, however, here are some amazing September dive options for all levels…

Project AWARE Week is September 15-23, Check Out These Tools to Help Out!

Discover Scuba in the Caymans

Let Eden Rock help you extend that vacation. Photo: Eden Rock Diving Center

Leave the incoming autumn weather behind, and get your own endless summer going by learning how to scuba dive, if you haven’t yet. Everyone will tell you that you’ve made a great choice, and it’s a step in the right direction if you’d like to never see winter again.

Swim With Whale Sharks in Thailand

In September, it’s still whale shark season around Southeast Asia. If you’ve been searching for one all summer and had no luck, check out the dive shops and spots of the region to see who can get you face-to-face with giants.

So Many Cenotes

Get two-tank action in the caverns. Photo: A’ HA’ Scuba Diving

Mexico is full of mystery, and it’s close to the country with the largest diving population on Earth. You can probably guess which one. But you’re in luck, there are plenty of cenotes to go around, and the weather down that way is perfect for diving in September.

The Great Barrier Reef is an Obvious Choice…

We’re not the first ones to tell you that diving the Great Barrier Reef is pretty magnificent, but we do want to point out that September is still the perfect time to go. In fact, the temperatures on land and in the sea are just about perfect, and a lack of major weather events means great visibility.

Enless Summer, “Unlimited” Diving

In the Philippines you can get up to four dives a day, if you’re up for it. Why not drop by and see what’s on offer in one of the most dive-friendly countries on Earth? You’re in for a few surprises!

No matter where you’re taking your September dive, make sure to book directly on Planet Deepblu!