Five Great Reasons to do a Liveaboard


We love travel, we love diving, what are some great reasons to make your next dive experience a liveaboard? Well, we’re glad you asked… and as a bonus, you can click any photo credit to get in touch with a liveaboard operator directly!

1. It’s a Getaway

There’s something absolutely perfect about this. Photo: Sea Queen Fleet Red Sea

Drop everything, and go diving, there’s not much more to it. You don’t even have to bring your phone if you don’t want to. Let the world go and do its thing, and you do yours.

2. Multiple Dives A Day

You’re literally just stuck on a boat in the middle of the water. Not that it’s boring, but you can just go ahead and get in and out of the water as you please. It’s a great situation to make the best of. The above video is from Aggressor Fleet.

3. Great Nightlife

Care to dance? I’m here all night. Photo: Sea Donkey Diving

Well, if your idea of nightlife is stars, peace, and a little bit of wine as the world floats by. If you’re looking for the sound of traffic, loud music, and the smog of a city, this might not be your style.

4. You’ll Make Some Friends

You’ll definitely be getting pretty cozy with new people over the trip, and seeing as you already have something in common, the likelihood that everyone gets along is pretty high. The footage above is from our friends at La Galigo Liveaboard.

5. It Lowers Blood Pressure

You’ll wish every sunset were like this. Photo: Oktavia Dive Center Co., Ltd

We’re not doctors or scientists, but multiple studies that can be found floating around show that being on the ocean actually has physical health benefits. Surely being out there for days can’t be bad.

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