Quirky Beachside Souvenirs Around the World


Here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re all coming back from summer vacay. Diving, surfing, swimming, and in general having an amazing time with friends and family during the warm months of the year. Around the globe, wherever we go, we leave little parts of ourselves, hopefully not in sharks, and we take interesting things with us. Knick-knacks, treats, gifts, souvenirs… whatever we pick up along the way. Some of these can get really peculiar. Let’s see what you might get on a summer trip, and let’s make it weird, and see where they come from.

Coconut Pirate Heads – The Caribbean and Hawaii

These are the stuff of nightmares. Thanks, grandma. Photo: Second Voyage Vintage

These are an old classic, and many a grandparent and Boomer has them at their tiki bar. Found originally around the islands of the Caribbean, these bad boys will now stare you down pretty much anywhere a beachside cocktail is to be found.

Statues We’ll Leave to Your Interpretation – Jeju Island, South Korea

These are the statues in question. Photo: Entree Kibbles

Legend has it that years ago a young woman died during her honeymoon before her and her husband had a chance to consummate the marriage. While out on a romantic, relaxing evening aboard a boat, she fell overboard, and was lost at see forever. Due to this “fact,” there are statues reflecting her status at death, and it’s said that if you show them to the sea she’ll make sure you catch all the fish. Okay then…

Painted Crab Shells – Maryland, USA

This crab shows the logo of the local National Bohemian beer on the Maryland flag. Photo: The Holiday Hon Shop

Maryland eats a lot of crabs. In fact, they were once issued as prison food because there were simply too many to go around. Nowadays, people pay top dollar for crab feasts of every kind, but you can also find your basic steamed crabs at dollar-a-crab nights around the Eastern Shore. When the shells are discarded, local craft makers turn the outer layer of the savory crustacean into art, which can be found along the shores and at tourist shops in Baltimore year-round.

Proboscis Monkey Plush Toys – Sabah, Borneo Malaysia

It’s a conversation piece. Photo: Sabah Goodies

Sabah is synonymous with its interesting looking monkeys, and you can find them on post cards, shirts, posters, wallets, and even in plush form. If you really want something that’s going to make your friends want to get right over to Sabah, this probably isn’t it, but it sure will get a few questions and laughs. Find one literally anywhere things are sold.

Dried Squid – Okinawa, Japan

Eat it, hang it, show it off! Photo: JW Web Magazine

If you visit Okinawa, you’re going to get some of the best seafood on Earth… but why let the party stop there? Bring home one of these guys and show off your great time! It’s dried, so it’ll probably last a while, and it’s not as fresh as getting it from the source but it’s a great way of showing off the flavors of Oki to your friends, we guess. (Authors Opinion: It’s actually pretty good. Try it with peanut butter. Really.)

No matter where you go, make sure to bring something home to remember it by.

– Todd Allen Williams, Senior Editor

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