Don’t Leave Jamaica Off of Your List


Jamaica is known for its cruises and music, but down to the very core, it’s so much more. When Bob Marley first spread the message of Jamaica to the outside world, people from all over became curious about visiting the small Rastafarian paradise in the sun. Since that time the economy has had its ups and downs, the tourism industry has grown, and people continue to learn more about this land which was once mysterious to strangers.

With it has come a burgeoning diving industry, and it’s one that’s definitely not to be overlooked when hopping around the Caribbean. When not enjoying a Red Stripe or some famous Jamaican Jerk Chicken, here are a few dives worth checking out.

Ocho Rios

This vibrant, crystal-clear dive spot is a perfect place to start. With discover dives and dive instructors nearby, in addition to clear waters, the reefs of the area are available for divers of any skill level. It’s a great place to start, no matter where you’re coming from.

Lime Cay

Lime Cay is a great place for diving, snorkeling, and beaching in general. Located right outside of Kingston, boat tours are available daily here, and dive operators in the area are more than happy to show you around this unique little island. When you’re all finished up, refresh yourself with a cold one in Port Royal.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is the go-to spot for many divers coming to Jamaica. With its vast array of wildlife, and specifically its vast number of rays, it makes for an unforgettable day out on the water. Calm waters make it a great dive for scuba divers of any skill level.

Negril Marine Park

If you’re looking for an intensely exciting reef dive that’s full of paces for octopi to hide, look no further than Negril. The area provides a sanctuary for protected species, and is also a great place to watch the rays pass by. Negril Adventure Divers provides a great tour of the area, and are more than happy to assist you..

Runaway Bay

While known for its resort experiences, there’s also a number of great opportunities to get into the deep in Runaway Bay. In fact, it plays host to one of the most spectacular wall dives in the region. Lined with plane and boat wrecks, this ranks as possibly the best dive in Jamaica for those into history and mystery.

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