5 Dive Videos to Get You Going


Need a bit of relaxation but not able to get out of town for the weekend? Let these divers take you away to that special place. We’ve hand-picked a few of our favorites to get you through that journey we call “everyday life.” Above each video is a link to the related Planet Deepblu page, so you can get planning. Enjoy!

Negril, Jamaica

While above the surface in Jamaica you’ll get loads of jerk chicken and Bob Marley, there’s plenty more to do down below. The western town of Negril has what the diving spirit craves.

Agincourt Reef, Australia

Australia is kind of famous for its reefs. Take a break and enjoy this dive through the colors and sounds of the Land Down Under.

South Sinai, Egypt

As deep as the pyramids are tall, and then some, the dive spots of Egypt are bound to leave you as intrigued as the country’s rich history.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Have you ever heard that Tenacious D song and though “wait, where is Zanzibar?” Well, here’s your answer, and it’s quite the dive destination.

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Borneo is typically known for its Indonesian and Malaysian states, but don’t forget the only sovereign state on the island, Brunei. You can’t buy or drink alcohol in public, but there are plenty of places to get wet.

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Dive on.