Great Grenada


The capital is Saint George, the language is English, and the history is deep. For years, Grenada was embroiled in conflict both domestically and as a region seen as opportunistic for trade and imperial expansion. Powers from all over the world have tried to take this beautiful patch of Earth, but through it all the land and its people have stayed strong.

This history has led to a recent era of peace and calm, and with it, visitors rather than colonizers from all over come to see what Grenada has to offer. Let’s have a look at a few of the things that make it such a great destination.

The Waterfalls

Annandale, Concord, Seven Sister… this tropical paradise is covered in waterfalls, making for the ultimate in getaway landscaping. Ever wanted to feel like you’re in Jurassic Park? This is probably the place to do it. The highest of all the of them is Mt. Carmel, which drops over 21 meters into the water below.

The Dives

I tried not to make it first, because we are Deepblu and we’d say this just about anywhere due to our obsession with getting under the surface, but the dive sites here are pristine. Carriacou, the Bianca Wreck, and Sandy Island are all great places to see the local wildlife. Eagle rays, nurse sharks, angelfish, and nudis are just a slight sampling of what you can see in this region.

The Belmont Estate

History and nature collide in a scenic setting just an hour’s drive from Saint George. The Belmont Estate is a 17th century plantation that is preserved as a historical landmark and has a team of actors on the “stage” recreating what life was like. Working in conjunction with a local chocolate company, it’s also a great place to hit that sweet tooth.

The Rum Distilleries

What better way to celebrate island time than getting right into the rum? Live out your Jack Sparrow fantasies while downing some of the finest rum on the planet. The River Antoine Distillery is the oldest in the hemisphere, and the Westerhall Distillery has some great rum and history tours on site. Clark’s Court is right in Saint George, so you can walk back to your hotel, but that hangover is on you.

  • Todd Allen Williams, Senior Editor