Five Gift Ideas for the Diver in Your Life


It’s Mothers’ Day Season, and Fathers’ Day is right around the corner. If you, like many of us, have a marine faring mom or a diving dad, there’s probably something more to it than just liking the water. After all, aquatic sports have gone from a pastime, to a passion, to a lifestyle. If you’re in the same boat as others who are looking for the perfect gift for the people who brought you into this world, and have probably told you that they can take you out of it, here we go…

1) Deep Tea Diver

Top of the mornin’! Mom and dad are going to love a good pick-me-up before the diving day. The Deep Tea Diver, a silicone tea infuser by Fred, is there to help them get started in style while they wake up.

2) This Jaw-Dropping Shower Curtain

Everyone needs a morning laugh. While we’re not advocating that anyone actually heads out to punch a shark, this vintage shower curtain is a great decoration for the diver in your life.

3) Alba Coral-Safe Sunscreen

We note the coral-safe sunscreen because it’s our favorite, but really, all products in the Earth-friendly line of Alba Botanica’s reef-safe, biodegradable, vegetarian, and animal-friendly line of products are great for both human and nature. The best part is that it works perfectly. Not all sunscreens can say that. Keep your parents unburned!

4) A Mug Done Scuba-Style

It’s a classic, sure… a mug, a tie, something simple. But you have to admit, it never fails. Why not give them a gift to accompany that Deep Tea Diver that’s already in your shopping cart?

5) Boat Bedsheets

Why are these always advertised as being for kids? Personally, we’d use them. Moms and dads tend to deck out beach houses and retirement pads with nautical themes, and some go the extra mile to make sure you know where you are every minute of the day. Boat-themed bedsheets aren’t just for kids, and we all know it. You are their little sailor, anyway.

  • Todd Allen Williams, Senior Editor