5 Reasons to Make Honduras your Alero


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What’s with the title? “Alero” is an endearing term in Honduras for your best friend. Now that you have that little bit of knowledge, let’s take a quick trip through the Central American capital of carne. Carne is just “meat” in Spanish, and they have some great skewers down that way.

Unrivaled Hospitality

Luxury awaits. Photo: Indura Beach & Golf Resort

Honduras, in both large cities and small towns, plays host to a high level of innate customer service and hospitality that, while not unique in the region, is regarded as above-and-beyond to those passing through. A laid-back atmosphere and easy access to what most travelers would call “modern amenities” makes for a comfortable stay from the inner city to the far reaches of the beaches.


A wide array of life passes through the region. Photo: Deepblu User PADI-CD

Roatan is a very small Honduran Caribbean island, but it’s packed full of exciting dives. The wreck of El Aguila is broken into several pieces, allowing for multiple entry points for both divers and the local wildlife that have nestled into it. Turtle Crossing has a name that is fairly self-explanatory, as does Mandy’s Eel Garden. Each dive on this tiny slice of land is unique, and the place itself is a nice, quiet escape.

The Platos Tipico

Do you like eggs? Get ready to have them for breakfast and dinner! The typical meal of Honduras will consist of eggs, refried beans, tortillas, avocado, and fried bananas. Lunch is a grilled meat-heavy kind of meal, and comes with fresh salsa made with lime juice to pick you up on the adventure. Tacos Flautas, which a lot of people know as “taquitos,” are a staple of snacking, and can be found in meat or veggie options.

Conservation Efforts


For the region, Honduras is a stand-out in its efforts to preserve the marine life and other endemic species of the nation. Beachgoers, surfers, and divers join in local beach cleanups which are held every weekend, and the government itself is making moves to not only protect the reefs, but to also reduce the use of plastics in the area. That’s something we can all support. As environmentally-conscious travelers say, “vote with your wallet.”

An Easy Jumping-Off Point

Jump in, jump out, jump off. Photo: Deepblu User zeb

As a country with modern airports and a connection to the mainland, many use it as a first-stop on their way to places like Aruba, Belize, Bonaire, Curacao, and other Caribbean destinations. Not that you’re going to get bored, but if you’re looking for a multi-stop tour of the region, Honduras is your go-to starting point.

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  • Todd Allen Williams, Senior Editor

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