5 Exotic Dive Experiences Cheaper Than Your Levis Jeans


#1 Whale Shark Experience

Save space on your bucket list! This is an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience. Led by a seasoned captain and a fun crew, this trip starts off on a boat powered by eco-friendly four-stroke engines with a small intimate group of no more than ten guests. After the one-hour boat ride, you will reach a sea safari full of whale sharks — the largest known extant fish species, reaching over forty feet in length. Despite their intimidating size, these majestic creatures are peaceful filter feeders that eat plankton, making them unthreatening and human-friendly. In addition, dolphins and sea turtles can be spotted. Better yet, this unforgettable memory comes with a price tag as low as $195, definitely don’t miss out.

#2 Bull Shark Diving (Seasonal)

While the great whites get most of the headlines as vicious sea creatures thanks to movies, bull sharks are actually the most dangerous shark. This thrilling yet eye-opening trip begins in Playa del Carmen where you get to swim alongside bull sharks while watching your guides have a close encounter as they feed them. After that, they’ll take you to the beaches of Quintana, where you can watch large female bull sharks congregate. The bull shark season is in winter from November to February; and the best time to go is in late December. This exotic swimming session with bull sharks will only cost you $180.

#3 MUSA Underwater Museum Diving

Photo credit: Ratha Grimes

MUSA, one of the most popular Instagram underwater check-in spots, is an underwater museum in Cancun with the largest collection of underwater contemporary sculptures in the world. Its main gallery consists of over 400+ life-sized cement sculptures, each with unique meaning and symbolism. The most famous sculpture is “Vicissitude”, depicting dozens of people holding hands in a circle looking up at the sky. The purpose of MUSA is to illustrate the interaction between art and nature while offering an excellent place to dive. There aren’t many places where you can see world-class art underwater, and for a price of only $80.

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#4 Deep Cenote Dive

Cenotes Dos Ojos is probably the world’s best cavern dive. The name “Dos Ojos” means two eyes and refers to the large cavern zone connected by two neighboring cenotes, which look like two large underground eyes. The original cave diving exploration of the whole system began through these cenotes. This site is suitable snorkeling as well. As a snorkeler, you can watch the scuba divers move deep into the caverns as the light from their dive lights illuminates the stalactites and stalagmites. Enjoy this stunning and breathtaking experience for $153.

#5 Wreck Diving

Want to experience what it feels like to dive in the world of the Little Mermaid? Shipwreck diving in Cancun will make your fairy tale dream come true. If you’re lucky, you can spot schools of snappers, barracudas, groupers, lobsters, moray eels, and seasonal eagle rays. The Yucatan Peninsula and the Caribbean coast of Mexico offers some of the best diving experiences you could hope for, starting from $85.

  • Iris Chen, Deepblu