The Incredible, Edible Trash


“The times they are a changin’,” Bob Dylan once sang. They were in his time, but now more than ever, rather than big change orchestrated predominantly by large concerts, marches, and let’s face it, people who were called “hippies,” we’re all making changes in our day-to-day lives that make an impact on nature. Conservation, no matter where one stands politically, is back on the tip of everyone’s tongue perhaps more so than ever.

Feed your buzz, and an underwater friend. Photo: SaltWater Brewery

…and it’s producing some things we never thought we would see. For instance, it’s simply becoming bad business to not be environmentally friendly. The average market demand for products that do the least harm is greater than ever. The SUV, once the hated demon of the environmentalist, is now available in hybrid and electric, oil is being made from waste, and we, and the creatures that surround us, can even eat our garbage in some cases.

That last one is the wildest to me. It’s been around for a while, but this week I caught a video about six-pack rings that can be eaten by wildlife instead of killing animals. Check out the video.

SaltWater Brewery in Delray Beach, Florida has produced edible six-pack rings which are 100% biodegradable. To make them, they press barley and wheat from the brewing process into solid, sturdy rings that won’t fall apart when you’re hopping off to get your buzz. Cutting rings doesn’t always cut it, as they’re still mistaken for food when they end up in the water, but this will do the trick. Feed the turtles, save nature, get loopy. Nothing wrong with that.

Looking to do more? Perhaps you’re a bit hungry after chug-a-lugging those cold ones and you need to get a bit of food in you. Make sure to go out and get Bakey’s!

Created in 2016 in India, Bakey’s Edible Cutlery is spreading around the globe as a way to reduce waste while at the same time providing people with a novel snack. The utensils won’t dissolve as you’re using them, but when you’re done you can go ahead and finish your meal with a nice spoon. Available in sweet and savory, the cutlery is made using no preservatives and is 100% vegan. Dig in.

So, you’ve had drinks and dinner, and the morning is a bit rough. Time for brunch! There’s nothing like a glass of orange juice to kick last night’s outing.

How about using an edible cup instead of a plastic one?

Using seaweed and other organic ingredients sourced directly from fruits and vegetables, these cups, made by Loliware, allow you to consume your cup after finishing your drink. Whatever wets your whistle can be followed up by a delicious, nutritious snack. Now that’s forward-drinking!

You can also support the company’s effort to make edible straws here on Indiegogo.

Now that you have all of these products, why not carry them home in a bag from Avani?

Avani is a company born out of the desire of residents of Bali to see less trash on their beaches. Their rallying cry, “I am not plastic,” is featured on many of their products and lets people around know that they can help the environment with only a minor adjustment in their habits.

This is a company that has become all-encompassing in their mission to creatively restore the Earth’s habitats. In addition to their bags, they also produce containers for food, wooden cutlery and even a biodegradable poncho made from renewable resources. While many of these we wouldn’t recommend for human consumption, they’re going to be a great buffet for microorganisms, and will disappear quickly after being discarded. Check it out, these little critters are having a great time…

With all of these great new things to replace the trash in your life, you should probably put on your sunglasses, because the future is looking pretty bright.

  • Todd Allen Williams, Senior Editor