Friday the 13th: Dive Edition



Nah, just kidding, he’s a statue.

But, if you’re really looking to get into something creepy this Friday the 13th, head over to Camp Crystal Lake, or the Louise Mine Pit dive site in Cuyuna, Minnesota, anyway, for a bit of terrifying action thirty meters under the surface, where Jason Voorhees awaits.

This old mine pit turned dive site is the perfect place to go to experience some real-life horror action. In water that already has questionable visibility, there’s probably nothing you’ll want to see more than one of the most infamous killers in Hollywood history.

While there are multiple dive areas in the region, diver Curtis Lahr was kind enough to leave directions to the life-sized replica of the killer online for all of us. Video follows.

“He’s in Louise. Very easy to find if you know the pit. Swim straight out from the access to the training platform, continue past it staying to the right and follow the drop-off ledge, on the way you should see a snowmobile, and eventually a sail boat with a dingy behind it will show up on your left. Your computer should say about 60 feet. From there, keep on the drop-off ledge and you’ll see Marissa the mermaid chained to a large diameter pipe. Follow the pipe down and you’ll see Jason. Can’t remember the exact depth, I think the bottom is 120 feet, but Jason is floating above the bottom a bit — maybe 110 feet or so. Visibility hasn’t been very good so I would recommend a light.”

If you’re more about history than horror, and happen to be in the area of Estonia, there’s an equally paranormally perplexing dive at Rummu Quarry in Estonia.

The old quarry happens to be a former Soviet Gulag, or work camp, that is now partially submerged. The once dreadful halls of horror make for an interesting tour of what it used to be like to be subjected to totalitarian rule. While always important to respect such grounds, locals and tourists alike dive the site for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that allows one to both experience something unique and reflect upon the past.

The current dive is in “the blue lagoon,” an odd name choice considering the subject at hand.

Heading back to America, this time on the West Coast, there’s a site that isn’t exactly covered by Planet Deepblu yet, but if you’d like to be the first to add it, by all means we’d love to see it. The Titan 1 Nuclear Missile Silo, in the middle of Washington, is nearly completely filled with water. In fact, here’s a short documentary on where, why, and how to dive it.

During the Cold War the threat of nuclear war at any given moment was dangled over our heads, but now, with many of the weapons gone, we can go under and use the conflict’s leftovers as a source of completely creepy enjoyment. The deep, dark dive filled with control rooms, shelters, and probably even the old break room is sure to send chills down your spine with every descending meter.

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  • Todd Allen Williams, Senior Editor