Planet Deepblu Adds New “Planet”


In 2017, Deepblu launched Planet Deepblu, a unique, informative place where divers can access content generated from the community and obtain a thorough idea of what a dive destination is like before they even leave the house. With their latest release, divers can now start thinking about where they go before they leave their home planet.

Now, just a short time after their launch, the small company with big ideas is aiming for space and hoping to complete the first dive mission under the surface layer of ice on Jupiter’s moon Europa by the end of 2020.

With this, we’re thrilled to announce Planet Deepblu – Europa Edition.

Deepblu X-Division and their partner have found that just under the ice of Europa there are seas of navigable subsurface water with conditions perfect for diving, provided that the diver have a special wetsuit of Deepblu’s in-house design which can be used as an aquatic space suit.

Deepblu has teamed up teamed up with known innovator Noel Smuk to present a liveaboard like never before, and with tickets for the first commercial launch going on sale this summer, the perks will only continue to grow. Combining the best of space and sea, customers will be able to sample real astronaut food and rub shoulders with the superstars of interplanetary travel while at the same time settling in at night to fresh meals by amazing chefs, just as they would on their favorite islands.

While aboard the vessel, divers can learn the latest camera techniques used by the astronauts, contact their families back home for a yet-to-be-determined distance from Earth, and experience high quality life insurance. Also included in the package, which is priced at a reasonable $29,999 plus tax, is a spacewalk while in transit to Europa.

Stay tuned for more from this exciting venture, and for details on next year’s trip to the moons of Uranus, which were previously unexplored yet recently found to hold the potential for life. Soar on.

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