Have You Booked With Deepblu?

We’ll do the connecting, you do the diving.

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We have some great news for divers around the planet! This week we launched the latest features for Planet Deepblu. Divers and businesses can now directly connect, plan trips, and book through the platform. Basically, you pack the bags and enjoy the journey, and leave the rest to us. What’s even cooler? Our new chat feature allows you to stay in touch before, during, and after the trip.

On Planet Deepblu, virtually all popular global dive locations are placed on a fully interactive interface, allowing users to browse ratings, navigate reviews, and find out more about dive spots than previously available. Now, divers and businesses can use this to get in touch and head out into the water.

With tens of thousands of divers already having a multitude dive sites at their fingertips, we decided that it was time to offer fully interactive dive trip planning and communication between diver and business on the platform. Businesses can now present their services, be seen, and run specials that make them stand out. Trip categories, dive experiences, amenities, and extras can be offered with the click of a button, and potential customers can message each business with the knowledge that they’re on a secure platform designed specifically to cater to the needs of divers.

“Planet Deepblu’s goal is to help divers simplify their dive trip planning and booking process so they can spend less time planning their dives and have more time on enjoying their dive experiences. The initial roll out of dive experiences is focused on the North American market with service providers concentrated in the Caribbean, Florida Keys, and Mexico which will eventually expand to all dive destinations worldwide,” said James Tsuei, CEO.

The new, expanded Planet Deepblu allows divers to select dates, find pricing, set up, and book all in one place. As it has been from the start, divers can locate their favorite dive countries, regions, and spots through the platform, and now when they see businesses in their chosen area they will have easy access to services offered. If you’re a beginner looking for a certification course, an advanced diver seeking a new cave dive, or anything in-between, you’re sure to find it on Planet Deepblu.

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