5 Reasons to Visit the Caymans


Sitting off of the coast of Cuba are three small islands, with a total area of about 264 kilometers, that have a reputation for some of the most breathtaking dive sites in the whole of the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands are known for unmatched service, great dives, a wide array of leisure activities, and pure, simple relaxation on the beach.

In just a short stay on the island you can get a taste of all of these things on Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands. For those who want a slice of solitude, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, the smaller islands, are there to help you get away from it all.

That said, here are five reasons to go.

  1. West Carribean Chill

    Warm, welcoming skies. Photo: Lobster Pot Dive Center

We’re talking everything. The people, the music, the culture, and the general atmosphere surrounding the Caymans come together to form a perfect storm of relaxation. Speaking of perfect storms, another part of the chill is the fact that hurricanes which hit a lot of the region tend to leave the Caymans alone. Plan your trip in confidence.

  1. Incredible Dive Shops

    Looking for local experts? They’re here for you. Photo: Grand Cayman Eco Divers

Great shops such as The Lobster Pot Dive Center and Grand Cayman Eco Divers are there to help you from before you even arrive until the time you decide to come back. With assistance for all levels of dive experience and a focus on maintaining the health of the waters surrounding them, shops in the Cayman Islands are ready to make sure that the good times continue for years to come.

  1. Ease of Access

    They’re here to help you. Photo: Cayman Airways

Getting to the Cayman Islands is easy. The main airport in the region plays host to ten airlines, including Air Canada, American Airlines, and British Airways. On arrival the sense of being at ease sticks, as the country has great public transit, including a reliable taxi service and nine bus routes. If you’re lost, the locals are glad to help, and English speakers will be happy to know that their language is ubiquitous in the region.

  1. Prime Dives

    Divers approach the Kittiwake. Photo: Deepblu User Billy K

Reefs, wrecks, walls, and caves are all easy to find, suiting the needs of every dive taste at every dive skill level. Kittiwake and Oro Verde offer some man-made exploration, while Trinity Caves and Sotos Central are all about natural beauty, and that’s just Grand Cayman. Cayman Brac offers an array of corals and wreck diving, and Little Cayman boasts great wall diving.

  1. It’s a Caribbean Culinary Capital

    Singh’s Roti shop is a popular place to get refreshed. Photo: Singh’s Roti Shop

Divers who return from their first trip to the Cayman Islands can never seem to stop talking about the cuisine. It’s a unique place with the best of island life and culture, which is reflected directly in the array of dishes available. Jerk chicken, Cayman lobster, conch soup, and even a beef recipe unique to the island are just a few things that make up its many tastes. With so many distinct flavors to fill you up in addition to the one-of-a-kind diving landscape, it’s no wonder that those who have been return time and time again.

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  • Todd Allen Williams, Senior Editor