Welcome to the “Elite Fleet,” TUSA!


TUSA, the famous international scuba company based out of Tokyo, has become the latest company to integrate Deepblu Connect to its flagship dive computer, the TUSA DC Solar Link. Deepblu Connect allows divers to use any compatible dive computer to upload dive data, with accuracy and efficiency, to their smartphones via the Deepblu app.

For nearly six decades TUSA has been on the cutting edge of scuba equipment development. Over time, their evolution has seen a speed which is unmatched. Building on their success, they have further developed products for the snorkeling and swimming communities as well.

Many TUSA divers will now find that they can easily participate on the Deepblu platform via their device. Deepblu Connect is a program which, once connected, allows simple communication between a diver’s device and their smart phone in order to eliminate the need for old, soggy, ink-and-paper dive logs. Currently there are thousands using the Deepblu platform, with more being added every month.

Deepblu strives to be the best digital dive log for users all over the globe, and it also allows divers to get their logs verified and share interesting stories with the world around them. In addition to being a useful dive tool, it’s a place for divers to come together. Launching new features, groups, and partnerships nearly every month, the platform has grown into the most vibrant online scuba community available in a short time.

In the future it’s forecast that more brands will be seeking to join the Elite Fleet, Deepblu’s connected brands. Which ones would you like to see on board?

Learn more about Deepblu Connect here. Check out the TUSA DC Solar Link on their website here.

Dive on.