The Wait is Over: We Welcome Shearwater to Deepblu Connect


To learn more about how to connect with the Elite Fleet, check out our guide here!

First things first: Download or update Deepblu iOS here, and Android here. Welcome to Deepblu, Shearwater users!

For months, Deepblu and Shearwater have been working on integration in order to further the benefits received by divers utilizing technology from both developers. With Deepblu version 3.1, through the Deepblu Connect program, users of the Shearwater Petrel 2, Perdix, and Perdix AI state-of-the-art dive computers will be able to get the most out of their devices through seamless uploading of their dive logs and information to the Deepblu app via Bluetooth technology. In the near future, users of the Nerd 2 will also be able to connect.

In the past, Shearwater has worked in cooperation with Subsurface and DiveNav to bring a high rate of customer satisfaction to global diving communities. With the Deepblu partnership, they hope to continue this trend by further increasing the dive logging options available to divers around the globe. When contacted, Gabriel Pineda, Marketing Manager for Shearwater, said “we recognize the unique offering Deepblu brings to divers worldwide and we are looking forward to having it available to our customers.”

In the past several months, Deepblu has also teamed up with TUSA and Scubapro to bring high quality logging functionality to users of their dive computers, and this has been met with great feedback. The “Elite Fleet” of dive computers which have joined Deepblu are a great addition to the plethora of computers which can use the feature via Subsurface technology as well as the always handy availability of the option to log any dive manually, whether online or offline, and upload to the app when the internet is within reach.

A fairly young company, since its inception in 2004 Shearwater has quickly risen to the top of the technical diving market and is quickly expanding into recreational diving. Its users already have a large presence on Deepblu. The quest between the two companies to make a synergistic contribution to the diving world has been met with applause around the internet since the announcement in November that it would be taking place. With a promise of full functionality by the end of the year, the two have done it again, making diving simpler.

With this partnership, two companies dedicated to safety, simplicity, and the betterment of diving have brought more options to their users. One, a premier company with roots in tech diving, and the other the fastest-growing online community and logging application for divers. It’s projected that, in the future, more companies will join the Elite Fleet, providing the type of experience currently only available to Shearwater, TUSA, and Scubapro divers.

Learn more about Shearwater here on their website.