Everyone Wants to Improve, Here Are 10 Ways to do that As a Dive Pro


Everyone Wants to Improve, and everyone wants to be good at their job. It’s a natural fact of life. To go along with that, everyone knows that if you do what you love, as it’s said, you’re going to love what you do. But there are some things that we forget once in a while, the simpler things in life. Even dive pros, those we envy because they get to be out in the water more often than most, sometimes need to kick it into gear. After all, a job is a job.

We have a few quick tips for you. Some of these are obvious, some of these are simple reminders, and some are tips collected from around the Deepblu office that will make your students and fellow divers love having you around as their pro. From instructor to master to aspiring dive pro, here are ten ways to make sure you wow them.


1) Know the Surprises


If you know your area inside-out, you’re going to wow your students. Take them to see something that nobody else could show them. A secret swim through or that shark which only comes around for you is going to make memories.

2) Make them Feel Safe


This is one that can be filed under “obvious,” but look for the signs. Some people get claustrophobic, some just aren’t familiar with the water. Some might be seeing things they’re not used to. If you can go the extra mile to make them feel like you’re paying extra attention, they’ll really appreciate it.

3) Make the Connection


Like in all social interactions, make the personal connection. Not everyone who walks through the door is going to be your best friend, but if you have some good personal interactions before getting out to explore, you’re all going to have a great dive.

4) Not Everyone is Going to be your Best Friend, But Give it a Try!


Most dive sites around the world are run by some friendly, laid back person like yourself. Be the kind of person that they want to hit up on the internet or have a beer with. Bridging the gap can make for some lifelong associates who have similar interests to you.

5) Toss in the extras!


We do it here, too. People love schwag, the little extras. Dive center shirts with a PADI certification? Sure! Not only does it make them feel like part of the group, but then you have people who travel showing off your spot around the globe. Some other ideas are a free lunch, some gear that you’re looking to unload, or simple things like branded toothbrushes. We’ve seen it all. I love it when I go somewhere and spot a Deepblu sticker on the window…

Edit: This hat literally just came in the mail at the time of publishing. Thrilled! Thanks Scubapro!

6) Know Your Land Surroundings, There’s Fun and Food Abounding out of the Water!


Back to the basics. You know the ocean, and they’re here for that, but the more you can tell them about what to do out of the water, the more they’ll enjoy their visit.

7) Toss in Some History

earthshotsbuddha1.jpgThis is a once in a lifetime experience. Photo: David Lazar/Earthshots

Island history, wreck history, sea history. Everyone loves trivia.

8) Be Patient


Sometimes we all forget that we need to wait up a minute for people to catch up. After years of doing something we might even forget that someone is new to the concept. As with anything, not everyone is as good as you might be. If they were, they’d be the pro.

9) Love Diving


A job is a job is a job, as it goes. Anything can get tedious. Never forget to just love diving. Dive on.

10) Make Them Laugh


This opinion comes straight from the Deepblu team. If you make us laugh, we want to be around you. Keeping people intrigued is, in part, keeping them comfortable. Nobody comes to the ocean to tense up, get those smiles going!

Todd Allen Williams, Senior Editor