The Gear Guild
Passionate about new gear and new technology? This is the group for divers who love to find and try out new gear. Post your first-hand experiences with the latest piece of diving equipment.
The Gear Guild
Passionate about new gear and new technology? This is the group for divers who love to find and try out new gear. Post your first-hand experiences with the latest piece of diving equipment.
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    Hello .-), I am new to the group, and I would like to ask for some help. I am currently working on a research project focused on improving the experience of buying or renting scuba dive gear. I would appreciate it if you could spend a maximum of 30 minutes in an informal interview with me. To not have to bother you by asking you about your time availability, I am sending you a link to simply book an online call at: If you have less time available, we can also make it happen. Just let me know. Also, feel free to reschedule if you need so. It will be an amazing contribution to have your feedback, thank you 🙂 More
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    Customized weight belts, add your colour to a blue belt. What ever length you need, with a SS Buckle. $35AUD Posts worldwide Tank band lanyard in purple or any colour in the range listed in my lanyards in another post. Attach this lanyard to your tank band to hold your SMB in an easy to reach place, not dragging in the sand. Great for Dive Masters. $15 AUD plus post. Email More
    Hi everyone. Sometimes I get asked for special colours in the lanyards that I make. Well here is the set I made for Jordy. They match her purple gear.... More

    Thanks Jordy. ... More

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    Does anyone have experience with dive masks that have a GoPro holder on top of the mask? Any recommendations? Does it actually help to make cool clips?... More

    🤔havent thought about the bubbles :) will try it for free diving. Got a mask in hand now with a fixed gopro mount ... More

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    Experts, i need your opinion. Looking for a entry dive comp and im stuck between suunto d4i and Mares smart. Which would you recommend?... More

    I would choose the Suunto. They have great support if needed and are easy to use.... More

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    IST Proline ProEar Diving Mask - Black - ME55 Pressure Equalization, Ear Cuffs Has anyone used one of these masks? I was doing my checkout dives and saw someone wearing one. He didn’t speak English so I couldn’t ask more about it. If you have, does it work like it says it does? Does it help with equalizing, especially for someone with an eardrum that doesn’t exactly function properly as far as reacting to air pressure?... More

    Fast cash offer for you today at just 2% interest rate, both long and short term cash of all amounts and currencies, no collateral required. contact (Whats App) number:+917310847059 contact email id : Mr. Sumiti ... More

    I make this range of Lanyards to order. I can make sets in the one colour of your choice if the webbing is available. Send me a message to I will respond as soon as I see the message. Yes I send orders worldwide. Pay via Pay Pal... More

    Purple is a new colour in the range and there is a new lanyard too, it goes on the tank band so your SMB can hang there, easy to reach, but not dragging in front of you, it sits up on your legs out of the way. ... More

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    Is anyone familiar with a chemical heating option to keep a diver warmer? I'd love to hear about something like the heat packs one can use for hand warming for skiing, etc. Sure wish I could tuck a couple of them under my wetsuit to stay warmer for every dive! And I'd love to avoid paying a bunch for a solution... ... More

    There is one for under drysuits I think it’s a mares brand... More

    Hi guys, I just bought this regs (Sherwood Magnum) is this a good regs? Because i searched online for the review but couldn’t find any and i started to assume that this is an old and outdated technology. I should have done some research before buying this and I started to feel kind of regret. ... More
    Hi Buddies, I need some advise again. Would really appreciate your feedback. Did anyone try out the new Paralenz camera yet? What are the pros and cons? Does it need a red filter? I have a dive trip planned to Derawan Island this march and I need a camera. I have a GoPro but I am not happy with it. 90% of the material is wasted. I would welcome suggestions on some other soluition (No pro camera/size should be small) Thanks... More